I went to the Del Mar Home Show last year looking for a contractor to bid on my bathroom. I was amazed with the different price fluctuations that came my way. One company said they’d tear my walls down to the studs and start with a clean slate and I said no you’re not! $65k my ass!…..

One day I came home from work and found a flyer on my porch from Matt’s Company so I gave him a call. Within a few days I had a very reasonable quote, better than any of the four I received prior and hired Matt. I had Matt remove my bathtub to increase the shower area and I also had Matt make me a custom vanity. Matt is a craftsman from the ground up and created a bathroom I love everyday I’m in it.

Earlier this year I hired Matt to build me a built in BBQ for my patio area and once again a great job at a very reasonable price. I’m not one to tell someone how to run a business, however, if I was Matt I’d raise my prices now that I know what’s out there in the world.

Thanks Matt, Logan and Flavio.